Now you can actually feel like you're in Squid Game with this TikToker's impressive Halloween lights display!

TikTok user @JustinTheLightGuy is going viral for his creative display that pays tribute to the mega-popular Netflix series. Instead of the typical Christmas lights he puts on display at his home every year, he decided to switch things up and create a custom Halloween light show featuring the red light, green light game — complete with the creepy robotic doll and all.

The viral TikTok video begins with a timer set for five minutes as the announcer says, "Let the games begin."

On an LED screen, the robot girl with the pigtails turns around and says, "Green light." The entire house lights up green before she turns around and yells, "Red light!" A moment later, gunshots are heard.

When one user suggested that @JustinTheLightGuy give out candy to trick-or-treaters who make it to his doorstep, he responded, "That's what I'm planning on doing," alongside a laughing emoji.

See the epic display, below.

The red light, green light game in Squid Game has become so popular that it is now available to play as a virtual reality (AR) game via a new Instagram filter. The filter was created at Singapore's ADM graduate School of Art, Design and Media at NTU.

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