DFWCBSLocal.com is reporting some sad news for Texans looking forward to the next shipment of toilet paper to arrive in stores.

Thousands of rolls of T.P. went up in smoke after an 18-wheeler crashed in Dallas County last night. No, this was not an April fool's joke.

The Dallas Morning News Youtube

The crash happened around 4 A.M. near Interstate 20 and I-45. Thankfully the driver of the rig and his dog both made it through the wreck uninjured. All lanes of I-20 had to be closed as the toilet paper burned extensively and took quite a bit of time to clean up.

While investigators are still trying to piece together the cause of the fire, crews continue to see hotspots develop as random rolls of toilet paper got blown around and caught fire.

Here in Victoria, Texas, I have not seen toilet paper in any store for almost 3 weeks until I walked into Walgreens on Navarro. While there is a "limit 2" on their single "Big Roll" of toilet paper if you are really nice to the clerks they'll let you buy more. Check it out before it's all gone.

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