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With everybody watching the weather forecast, the question is, just how cold will it get?  While the forecast will change and fluctuate many times over the next couple of days, one thing is certain. It will be COLD this weekend. Different forecast models show lows on Monday night in Victoria ranging from 12-18 degrees.
To add, one model shows a straight-up 50% chance of snow and another only shows a chance of wintry mix.  Will we actually see the white stuff?  This weekend's temperatures will rank in the record books. The record low temperature in Victoria was recorded in December 1989, when the temperature dropped to 9°. Here is a list of the coldest day's in Victoria's history as reported by
  1.  December 24th, 1989:     9°
  2.  January 13th, 1982        14°
  3.  December 26th,1983     14°
  4.  January 12th, 1962        16°
This weekend's temperatures could be a new addition to this list of coldest days ever in Victoria.  As of 2/11/21, this is the current weather forecast according to the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi.  The weather forecast on my phone does differ a little with a low of 12 and a 50% chance of snow on Monday.   Be on the lookout for Winter Weather Advisories soon and don't forget to bring those pets indoors. Enjoy our Texas winter and stay warm my friends and if we happen to get snow. Please send me your snow pictures at
National Weather Service CC 2/11/21
National Weather Service CC 2/11/21

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