This circus is R-rated and has a horror twist! You might want to avoid this one if you are afraid of clowns. The event will take place under this Clown Castle! Don't let the parking lot circus scare you away!  This is an awesome production that features Acrobats of the Air, Illusionists, freaks, mysterious creatures and all the elements that make one think of a "normal" Circus but that of ordinary has very little!

This circus is rated R! It is recommended for 17 and over. However, children ages 13-17 will be admitted at the discretion of the parents. They have just updated their show for 2022, the new show features breathtaking feats and will be mixed in with the fun and the most uninhibited fear that will transport you to a dark world inhabited by creatures with incredible circus art abilities. Adult tickets start at $20 and kid tickets start at $10

While engagements are limited in South Texas, you have one chance to check out this of kind circus this weekend in Laredo, Texas. There will be a total of six different showtimes starting on Thursday, February 16th, and will run through Sunday, February 19th. Get showtimes and tickets. 

A crazy yet fun fusion between Circus, theatre, and cabaret in perfect harmony with the evolution of a show that brings you back to when we dream ... and when we had nightmares and fantasies. Get more information about the circus and purchase tickets by clicking here

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