Imagine driving down the street in the middle of a big city and seeing a cemetery right next to an auto part store. This is exactly what you will see when you are driving Long Point Drive in Houston!


Heinrich Hillendahl emigrated from Germany in the early 1850s, at the time, this was prairie land. This area was populated by a large number of German families.  It was not unusual for families to bury their kinfolks in a cemetery near the farmhouse. Over the years, the property value has increased significantly. The family has refused to sell this last piece of their property.  The family continues to maintain the cemetery.

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Like Top Golf But This One is For Baseball Fanatics

With baseball season around the corner, this is a perfect time to talk about this place.  The place is called Home Run Dugout and is now open in Katy and Round Rock!  It is kind of like living in a dream for the ultimate baseball fan!  The one in Katy features 12 simulated hitting bays, 20+ craft beers, a menu worthy of the brunch crowd, a dog park, live music, and a backyard mini-field. In short, everything nowhere else has, all in one place.

These simulated hitting bays will give you a visual perspective of hitting a home run in your favorite MLB park. Can you imagine hitting a home run in Minute Made, Yankee Stadium, or even Fenway Park? Get more information by clicking here.  Oh yeah, here is one more cool thing, they allow dogs!  


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