If you're looking for something FUN to do with your children this summer, look no further!

We've seen some positive things come out of social distancing these last few months as families were brought closer together, we all learned how to ZOOM and we created tons of out of the box ideas on how to make social distancing work -JUST LIKE THIS-Theatre Victoria will host its FIRST outdoor musical (at least in recent memory), of  Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical at the Ethel Lee Tracy Amphitheater!

According to Theatre Victoria, Matilda the Musical is "Inspired by the twisted genius of Roald Dahl, this Tony Award-winning musical is the captivating masterpiece from the Royal Shakespeare Company that revels in the anarchy of childhood, the power of imagination and the inspiring story of a girl who dreams of a better life."

After submitting video auditions, Theatre Victoria chose two Matildas; Ms. Myla Barrientos and Ms. Lorelei Walker, alongside John Michael Urbano to play the dreaded Mrs. Trunchbull!

Performances start July 24th through August 2nd.

Oh NO not the CHOKEY!

This is going to a historic event and a great opportunity to enjoy the arts with your children. If you'd like to get tickets, and we do recommend you get them sooner than later, just click the Theatre Victoria website here. Or call 361.570.TKTS.

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See you there!

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