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Dubbed the Weirdest House in Texas, 'The Steel House' Is for Sale.

Just a few miles up the road in Lubbock Texas, a mere 7 hours away from Victoria, sits what is arguably the weirdest house in Texas, and right now, it's for sale.

It's known as The Steel House and was built by artist and sculpturer, Robert Bruno.


What will 1.75 million get you?

Sure, it's 2,200 not so square feet, and it has a helluva view, but do we think it's worth 1.75 million dollars?

Originally started as a gigantic sculpture, Robert Bruno began building The Steel House in the late 1970s. He loves steel and literally spent months on end in a crane welding the pieces together. It's over 110 tons of steel folks. It took three decades to build what you see now, but sadly, Robert Bruno who died in 2008 from cancer, was not able to finish it.

Although finishing it was never really his goal.

Several neighbors considered it an eyesore, but it's also considered an artistic treasure for some as well too. So, if you consider a steel home with incredible shapes and design, it will be well worth your $1.75 million dollar investment.

Meet the man behind the house, from Tepatoken on Youtube.


The Steel House in Lubbock Texas


One more from Awesome 98 on Youtube too!

So, which one of us is buying this beauty?




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