The Voice is coming down to the wire, with the final four contestants performing Monday night (Dec. 16) for their last chances at votes. Each singer got a chance to sing a cover song, an original song, and a duet with his/her coach. We'll find out who is crowned the winner on Dec. 17!

Kelly Clarkson's country boy Jake Hoot has been a fan favorite since his very first appearance, which (surprisingly!) only turned Clarkson's chair. Now he's looking to be on a trajectory to the ultimate prize, which both he and his coach are understandably delighted about.

Host Carson Daly and Clarkson sat down with Hoot to discuss his remarkable run over the season, including the fact that Clarkson was the only coach who turned for him...which eventually led to him being the only country artist in the finale

"It's not just your voice. It's your character," Clarkson noted. "And the fact that you've realized that it's all about the fans."

"Being a missionary kid, coming back, going to college and playing football, music is something I always wanted to do," Hoot simply explained. 'The Voice has definitely started a new chapter in the Hoot book...I'm just kidding, that's weird," he charmingly added.

Hoot's cover for the night was Lonestar's tender "Amazed," which Clarkson enthused as a perfect choice. "I think you're amazing," she exclaimed. "I've said this since the Blinds. I was amazed by you!"

Hoot didn't disappoint—not hard to do with such a crowd-pleasing choice of song. Clarkson gushed after he finished how much she adored the performance: "I love you, Jake Hoot, I love you! You're just everything I grew up on in country music. It's classic and beautiful. The storytelling is so great. Your voice is magical. You're so gifted I can't believe you're a one one-chair turn...but I'm so glad you were, so I didn't have to fight anyone!"

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