It's a new year and a whole new me!

My mind has been cluttered, my gut cluttered, and yep, my house too.

Diet, and exercise made the top of my priority list for 2021.

But so did decluttering my house.

Yep, my new year included cleaning out all the crap in my house!

I told my family we were going to experience 'The Great Purge.'

Years and years of things I would collect along the way, telling myself that ONE DAY I will use this, make that, build this, scrapbook that, make an art project out of this... oh look a button from an old vest I wore in the 80s. I'm going to want to keep that for a cool button project one day! My list of ONE DAY was long and my house was getting packed with TRASH.

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If this was going to be A GREAT PURGE, THE GREAT PURGE, it would mean I was going to need to call White Trash Services!

I've never rented a roll-off before. Truth be told, I don't think I have ever really "thrown anything away" before either.

I do recycle, repurpose and donate but over the last year in quarantine with garage sales out of the question for our family, things, especially things no one would want started to take over. A drawer of dried-up pens, a jar of broken bits of things we never glued... etc. Pillowcases with holes I never sewed. One placemat I kept in a drawer because it reminded me of that time I lived in San Antonio. ETC ETC! I think a LOT of you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. 

The largest pink roll-off I've ever seen in my life ( fine the first one I'd ever seen in real life too) was ordered from White Trash Services ( my husband was super zealous excited about my plan) and it was delivered on time right to my garage.

Slowly, but surely, over the course of the next two weeks, we went through the entire house, dividing one last time, two piles, one for donations and one for the roll-off. There were times when my husband had to give me three seconds to decide, but the more I threw away, the easier it became. 

Why? The more I tossed, the cleaner our house began to look and feel!

It sounds silly but the more we tossed, the more freeing it felt.

If you've been sitting in your house kind of bummed out, let me recommend a GREAT PURGE to you too. You will not regret it!

White Trash Services has roll-offs in all sizes. Are you ready for a great purge too?

IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR HOUSE and cleanse your spirit too. Seriously.

White Trash Services. 361. 550. 1826. Tell them Ingra Lee sent you! It won't likely mean you'll get a discount, but it will mean they know your ready for a great purge too!

Now the next thing on my list? Getting good sleep. Resting easy knowing my house is clean! Here are some tips to get you better sleep too!

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