If you know Brantley Gilbert, you knows his songs and albums are chapters of his life and that he has no filter. His wife Amber does, though, and up until now there were some things she didn't want out there.

Gilbert tells Taste of Country that the song "Bad Boy" is as close as he has ever come to saying too much. "It tells our story, the story of me and Amber, but also the story of me and Amber's mom," he says, laughing. "She was not ... let's just say she wasn't my biggest supporter in the beginning."

Gilbert shared "Bad Boy" with fans in August, but is releasing it in full on his new Fire & Brimstone album, due Oct. 4. The track — one he says hopes will be a future single — refers to his wild years, when he had a drinking problem and hung out with a tough crowd.

Still, he tried to get Amber's mom on his side.

"She had this fabric store and I'd go by there," he shares. "I remember one day when Modern Day Prodigal Son came out, I went and took her one of my first CDs and I looked at her like 'I really love your daughter.' She'd say stuff like, 'That's between y'all.'"

"I knew the minute I left she was gonna call Amber's phone and be like 'You better not see that boy, he smells like liquor.'"

The last verse of the song explores the pain more deeply. “So alright bad boy / Long as them old habits don’t come back, boy / You know that’s how she lost her dad, boy / And that boy is the one I loved / He was my bad boy," Gilbert sings from his now-mother-in-law's point of view.

Watch the full interview with Taste of Country Nights below. Gilbert admits he has a few tricks should he ever cross that line with his wife, or any line. It's a solution only a singer and songwriter could come up with.

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