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Is it just me or are grocery prices getting utterly ridiculous?

Again, we can thank COVID for the continued strain on our pocketbooks when it comes to price increases on food. Labor and supply shortages from the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to a 40-year inflation rate!

According to Good Morning America, "The food at home index, which includes groceries, saw a 1.5% jump in the last month. Plus, fresh produce climbed another 1.5% this month after an already 2.3% increase in February for fruits and vegetables. Since the same time period last year, the food at-home index has jumped 10% annually, also marking the biggest increase since 1981.

As food prices continue to climb one local grocery store is rolling its prices back to 2019.

Can we agree that every dollar counts especially during the holidays?

What's the most you've spent at a grocery store recently?

Aldi's has just announced that they are matching their 2019 Thanksgiving prices to give customers a break amid surging inflation.

"Starting November 2, holiday favorites ranging from appetizers, desserts, sides, and beverages, will match 2019 prices for discounts of up to 30%,Aldi's said in a press release.

Check out this great TikTok from Money to Miles as she shops at Aldi's with a $100 budget for two people for the week! We easily spend $100 for one or two meals when we go to the grocery store!

It's apparent we need to up our grocery savings game! 

@moneytomiles come along with me to the grocery store with a $100 budget for two! this week i went to aldi but also ordered some meals from @EveryPlate #budgeting#genzfinance#grocerybudget#aldihaul#moneytomiles♬ original sound - erin - gen z finance

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