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Forget Snakes On A Plane, Now We've Got Snakes Falling From the Sky

Like Texans really needed a new reason NOT to go outside, we've now got to contend with hawks dropping live snakes on us!

Texas Hawk Drops Snake On Woman's Head

That is exactly what happened to one tough Texas woman in Silsbee after she found herself not only fighting off a hawk but the snake that the hawk had dropped on HER HEAD!

And if that wasn't scary enough, the terrifying snake started to strike her in her face and her eyes before coiling itself around her arm to save itself from the hawk.

A battle began almost immediately after the hawk with very little time for the woman to fully even understand what was happening.

What would you do?

What would you do if you were outside in Texas and suddenly a snake dropped on your head out of nowhere? It reminds me of a trending TikTok below. A man arrives home and when he opens the screen door, the snake strikes him. He was taken to the hospital and not surprisingly, so was this Texas woman!

Thankfully after doctors treated the woman for major scrapes and cut thanks to the talons and ferociousness of the hungry hawk, and bruising from the strength of the snake coiling around her.

Who is this tough Texas woman?

KHOU11 reports that the woman, Peggy Jones,  was just out mowing the grass on her property in late July when the snake fell from the sky. "It was scary and very traumatic. I think I just went into survival mode," Jones said.


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