With the 4th of July holiday behind us, you're probably flipping through all of your photos and videos from your time grilling at the lake this past weekend. You and your friends were probably decked out in the red, white, and blue, enjoyed the time spent with your loved ones, and topped off the night with a fireworks show. Ahh, the good ol' American spirit.

Of course, here in Texas, we take it a step further - and at times, we go viral for it. That's what happened in Haslet, Texas over the holiday weekend inside a Walmart store. In a viral video making the rounds on Facebook, a woman takes it upon herself to begin singing our national anthem as she stands under a Texas-sized American flag.

If you're scrolling pretty aimlessly through Facebook, you probably wouldn't notice this video because it looks like the entrance to any other Walmart store, but what happens is so pure and exactly what we need right now.

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As the woman begins to sing, other customers realize what's happening and begin to sing along. Before you know it, men are removing their hats, children are stopping and holding on to shopping carts, and the community begins to sing at the top of their lungs the one song that has the power to unite a country. If you listen closely, you don't even hear the Walmart checkout lanes scanning items. The stores seems to come to a pause.

Get your tissues ready for this one:

As she finishes the song, the woman simply says 'thank you', there's an applause, and the shoppers go about their day.

I don't know about you, but that was powerful to me. With everything that seems to be dividing us lately, these moments help remind people that we're Americans and damn proud to be. We're blessed with all the freedoms of choice we have here, and not once should we take it for granted.

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