Havoc Happens!

With over 3 million views and counting on TikTok and 150 million plus views on X, no one could have possibly predicted how absolutely relatable this video, from 15-year-old Texan, Valentina, would be!

You've got to check the video out, but before you do, know that something almost identical happened to me when my sisters were young too! And just like Valentina, I knew when my mother found out what had happened we were going to be in SERIOUS TROUBLE!

We bet if you have siblings you can totally relate!

The video was originally going to be about Valentina getting ready on her TikTok account, palmview956oficia, but what ended up was an EPIC saga of growing up with sisters which lasted a full six minutes.

@palmview956oficial GURWM gone wrong.. Camelia cut her bangs Again #parati#sisters#hermanas#gurwm#valentina#scissors#camelia#magdalena#bangs#fypシ#956#palmview956#viral#rgv#zamarripa#zamarripasisters#fail#gonewrong#letsgetto200k#rgv956#rgvtx956♬ original sound - Palmview956Oficial2.0

In the video, Valentina hands over a pair of scissors to her 9-year-old sister Khaleesi but not before dutifully warning “Be careful!" on film.

Within about half a second, all hell breaks loose, and screaming can be clearly heard in the background!

“Khaleesi cut my hair!" offers 8-year-old Camelia screaming at Valentina for help.

This is when Valentina forgets to shut off the camera and immediately starts to offer help, but not before the scene includes covering up the accident from Mom, bribing yet another sister who is 3 with the possibility of a cookie, and ultimately using social media as a resource to fix the problem.

So what is all the hullabaloo about?

9-year-old Khaleesi, carelessly snipped the hair on her 8-year-old sister, Camelia.

If that wasn't bad enough, THE NEXT DAY WAS PICTURE DAY! 

Thankfully the story ends well with Valentina solving the problem and not a single one of the four sisters getting into trouble. 

Speaking of sisters, do you treat your pet like family? Me too!

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