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Congressional Hearing On UAP

With yesterday's congressional hearing regarding UFOs or newly named UAP, unidentified anomalous phenomena, fresh on the minds of lots of Texans, we thought we'd put together a list of the Top Ten UAP Sightings in the State of Texas.


Aurora Texans Buried Both the UAP and the Alien Pilot Driving It

We've covered UAP sightings in the past few years and one of the biggest stories we uncovered was number ten on the list in Aurora, Texas. After last night's congressional hearing on the subject of unidentified anomalous phenomena, the story in Aurora no longer sounds like fantasy.

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Non-Human Biologic Anomaly

According to three "whistleblowers" presenting to Congress yesterday, we are in possession of several UAPs, one of which an eyewitness identified as being a non-human biological anomaly.

Number Ten- Aurora Texas

It all went down in 1897 when a UAP crash landed in the sleepy town of Aurora. The story goes the citizens of Aurora buried the UAP and the pilot that was driving the craft. A monument now stands at the original burial sight that was raided multiple times over the decades.

You can read more about the story below

Number Nine- In 1945 a series of sightings were reported over San Antonio which on record led to several investigations by the US military..

Number Eight- The Lubbock Lights of 1951 captured the attention of the media and the Air Force after several residents saw the formation of lights in the night sky.

Undefined flying objects in the sky. UFO.

Number Seven- Known as the Ft Hood UFO Incident of 2020 actual video footage emerged of UFOs flying over the military base.

Number Six- In 1965 Brownsville residents reported seeing a large circular object hovering above an area of the city.

The UFO shines on a male standing on the mountain
Artem Peretiatko

Number Five- In 2007 a multitude of witnesses observed strange lights and formations in the sky in Lareado.

Number Four- Known as the Dallas Love Field Incident of 1980 air traffic controllers and pilots reported unidentified radar ' blips" as well as eyewitnesses of UAPS as well.

Abstract illustration of a shooting star, meteor.

Number Three- In Houston Texas witnesses reported strange lights in 1980, but just a quick Google and you will discover Houston has been known for its sightings like this one a year ago, brought to you by Houston11 on Youtube.

Number 2- In 1980, known as the Cash- Ludrum Incident several folks reported a close encounter with a diamond-shaped object that eventually led to health issues.

Number One- Known as the Stephenville Texas "Lights" in 2008 multiple witnesses which included pilots and police reported strange lights in the sky near the town.

History on Youtube offers over 200 people who witnessed this event.

History on Youtube offers over 200 people who witnessed this event.

So are we alone on this planet or do aliens indeed live among us in Texas?


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