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Oh sure, you think you're tough, but are you, "Grab that snake with your hands and move it out of your engine tough?"

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A Texas woman has gone viral for showing zero fear when she grabs a snake out of the hood of a vehicle in Burton Texas.

Sure, you're tough, but are you...Texas woman tough? That's a whole other league!

Nicole Graham, who works with chicken farmers in our great state was at a client’s house in Burton, Texas, on April 4 when she noticed a large, non-venomous rat snake in her client's chicken coop.

Check out this video from the Texas Parks and Recreation to better help you identify what a Texas rat snake looks like!

 She tried to remove the snake but said it slithered from her grasp and went straight under the hood of her daughter’s car!

"A snake of that size can cause problems," Nicole was reported as saying. She opened the hood and the snake was coiled right around the engine.

Now, seriously, could you do this? Reach in and grab a snake?

Well, Nicole's daughter grabbed her phone before Nicole grabbed the snake and this brave/crazy "rescue" was captured on film!

"I'm not trying to hurt you," Graham can be heard explaining her intention to the snake!

I wonder if speaking to a snake before you touch it lessens your chances of getting bit? Of course not, but it seemed to work for Nicole, she was able to remove the snake with a stick!

Thanks to Houston70 for their video on YouTube.

Now that the weather is warming up in Texas snake sightings will be a daily occurrence for lots of Texans. Personally, I've removed two snakes from my bedroom on the ranch two times in the last ten years and we wear snake boots during the spring and summer months.

Photo Credit David Kenny/TSM
Photo Credit David Kenny/TSM

In fact, did you know that thousands of rattlesnakes live on Texas beaches? Facts!


It's a good idea to know what snakes in Texas that are venomous.

Snakes and snake bites are common in Texas. We asked a vet what to do if your cat gets bitten by a snake. Here is our personal experience in the matter!


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