On Monday, Texas hit a record high for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The state reported Monday that there were 11,351 patients with lab-confirmed COVID cases in Texas hospitals. That's 453 more patients than the previous record of 10,893 set back in July.

Texas Medical Center has been diligently monitoring it's COVID related cases. As of yesterday, they reported that 297 new COVID-related patients were admitted into their center, a considerable increase compared to last month's 168 patients' admittance per day.

Our own county has been keeping the community updated on COVID-related news. There is a Victoria County COVID-19 Dashboard that is regularly updated with information regarding the virus in Victoria County and can be accessed HERE.


As of Monday, Victoria county has documented a total of 5,759 COVID-19 cases, of which 240 are currently active. Statistics show that most of our community members who have been infected are isolating at home, 18.28% of patients in Victoria County hospitals are COVID-related cases.
Vaccines have already arrived in Texas. In fact, the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines arrived at the Citizens Medical Center earlier this month and have already begun to administer the first dosages; you can read more about that HERE.

Victoria County has set up phases and tiers to determine how to distribute the vaccine. 

Tier one is the first phase and consists of crucial frontline workers, including hospital staff, EMS, and long-term care staff.

Tier two is the second phase of distribution and includes school nurses and staff who administer the vaccine.

Tier three is the third phase and includes severely at-risk people (those with underlying medical conditions and people 65 and older) and other vulnerable frontline workers who were not categorized in phase one.

To help keep yourself, and those around you, safe, be sure to follow the CDC guidelines.

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