As school districts around our state prepare for fall learning, it is very interesting to see the plans coming together. As some districts borrow ideas from others I saw something that stood out the other day from some North Texas school districts about what to do in the event two students who don't get along pretend to cough or sneeze on each other during the pandemic. reports both Fort Worth and Dallas ISD are getting prepared for children to return to the classroom. We've all seen kids have an argument at school, but what happens when during a global pandemic a child at school attempts to sneeze or cough on another student? Specifically, both school districts are preparing for students who intentionally, or act like, they are trying to spread COVID-19 to their classmates.

We can't say enough prayers for our teachers. What an incredibly difficult time. I suppose it's just a matter of time before a school bully tries to tell others that "Billy has COVID-19" or "I'm gonna sneeze on you". Well, these school districts are telling parents right now that they are not having it.

Fort Worth ISD says this kind of intentional coughing or sneezing between students will be treated as a form of assault which will follow the Texas Penal Code 22.1(a)(3). I can't imagine the red tape that would come with charging a minor with assault for sneezing on their classmate on purpose, but if you've ever seen two kids get on each other's nerves you can probably imagine this happening like on the first day back to school.

As part of the school day at Dallas ISD, any student who reports being sneezed on or coughed on will need to head to the school nurse for evaluations and that a Dallas ISD officer will then investigate each incident. Parents of all students involved will also be notified.

This means that with everything else going on, schools are also trying to quickly amend their student code of conduct to be able to account for instances such as coughing or sneezing on a classmate on purpose during a global pandemic. Kids do the darndest things, don't they? Stay safe y'all.

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