Cheers!  Have you seen some of the videos on the Shiner channel? If you drink it you may have wandered over and watched a few. Not like you can go anywhere, lol.

Do you know what's better than a hilarious youtube channel full of beer commercials? A company whose heart is as big as its sense of humor.

Check out Shiner Bock, brewed by Spoetzl Brewery taking care of our Texas businesses. Being the owner of a bar or restaurant can be an incredibly difficult thing right now, and it's worth pausing for a moment to acknowledge this very cool gesture by another one of our state's popular brands.


Just like H-E-B's #SlowthespreadTexas, Shiner Beer's #ShineOnTX is pretty close to perfect in lots of ways. The idea is to use the hashtag in a post that offers a toast to someone you know who is working on the front line of the restaurant industry. Maybe they are feeding victims, families,  or first responders? When you thank them, use the hashtag ShineOnTX

If you want to join up with this local favorite and donate to the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund you can text "TRRF" to 31996. Shiner and their parent company hope to raise $10 million during the campaign.

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