Well hells bells folks, Texas was just ranked #2 as the Most Hated State in the US by Best of Life online!

I think its fair to assume "Number Two" is how Texans are gonna feel about their whole damn article EXCEPT that the state that ranked numero uno as the most hated state in the US is California and you don't have to hitch a horse too far from the ranch to know Best of Life at LEAST got that one right!

Apparently, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, and Alaska all said they hated Texas giving us our second-place rating.

Whoa Nelly. Let me break this down for ya.

It ain't no surprise that Oklahoma said they hated us, just about every football season, "Sooner" or later they talk smack about Texas.

It's been said New Mexico is still bitter about Texas invasions from well over a century ago, yet aliens are somehow revered in New Mexico, so go figure.

Texans couldn't care LESS what California thinks. Let's get that straight right quick and in a hurry.

But Alaska, really folks? The best we can gather is that EVERYONE in America thinks Texas is the BIGGEST state in the US, forgetting all about Alaska, which incidentally is bigger than Texas and California combined, but I hate even using the two states together in the same sentence. Oh wait, it was three states in the same sentence. Forgot Alaska again.

We don't blame America for forgetting about Alaska's stature, you can't always get it right (unless of course, you are TEXAN).

With that, we're gonna take a look at what makes Texas better than any other state in this great nation, and then if there is time, but prolly not, we might review any potential infractions we may but likely may not have as a state. Fair nough'?

Here is just a taste of what makes Texas better than any other state in the nation.

Tacos. Queso. Sweet Tea.

Enough said.

Well, looky here we're out of time. Shucks.

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