How do you make someone move? Make them miserable. At least that is what one Landlord in San Antonio did.  The Landlord at the Siegel Suites in San Antonio wanted a tenant in Texas gone, and ordered the manager of the San Antonio property to harass them into leaving. There were some pretty cruel tactics used.  This property in San Antonio is located on IH-35 near the ATT Center.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that an email was sent to the management of the Siegel Suites in San Antonio   In the email, management had a number of strategies laid out.  Including, replacing the woman’s functioning air conditioner with a broken unit, having security knock on her door “at least” twice every night, and disabling her TV from outside using a master remote.  In that same email the same executive says, “I want this person very uncomfortable sitting in our room for free,” the executive wrote. So we learn that the tenant was not paying rent. However, is that justification for a landlord to treat a tenant this way?

According to the article, Siegel is one of four corporate landlords named in the report — along with Pretium Partners, Invitation Homes, and Ventron Management — each accused of engaging in abusive and deceptive practices. These actions against their tenants took place during the coronavirus pandemic, mostly while a moratorium on evictions was in place.


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