COVID-19 headlines have almost become like a game of Uno or Old Maid. Can you find the two or three that match? The few that corroborate one version of a story, then several more that fly in the face of that story?

It reminds me of when Sudoku got really popular and people seemed to enjoy spending time being confused by things.

Well, as we wrap up the month of July it would seem that one tale being told is that Texas has now pulled ahead of New York with over 418,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. New York has now dropped to 4th place behind California, Florida, and Texas according to Johns Hopkins University and

Texas worst-hit area seems to be the Rio Grande Valley, and along the border, where hospitals are reported to be near capacity. Few specifics can be found about which hospitals are actually experiencing this. Reports from Hidalgo County frequently mention the grim situation at hospitals.

We all remember when Governor Abbott decided to further reopen the state in early June before the bottom seemed to drop out. Now Texas is part of 41 states who have everyone wearing a "mandatory" mask despite any official law, or change to existing laws, being put on the books. The public is far more skeptical about masks and the debate if fast and furious almost everywhere ya go on that subject.

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