It's fluid and changing daily, but experts are proposing Texas may reach it's peak by the end of April. According to one official source,, Texas is expected to reach it's peak for COVID-19 resources Sunday, April 26th, a few weeks ahead of early predictions and a few days shy of May 1st as a later prediction.

By definition, according to Merriam Webster, and for the purpose of this article, a peak is " a high point in a course of development especially as represented on a graph." In other words, for Texas, the highest cases of known COVID-19 needing medical attention and resources, might reach it's highest peak by as early as April 26th.

Keeping in mind, even with the most updated scientific data, predictions and variables are seemingly endless in our fight to combat and understand COVID-19. One thing is certain, the only way we know to get over the hurdle of positive COVID-19 cases  according to the Center for Disease Control is to continue to practice good hygiene, practice social distancing and for Texans in particular, continuing to adhere to Gov. Greg Abbott's executive orders outlining essential services and activity protocols.

Locally, Victorians are mandated to adhere to our cities Stay Home- Stay Safe order as our city officials extend the precautions necessary to assure its communities health and well being.

As we get closer to the peak, further bear in mind further stress on state resources and medical resources are ahead. It's a delicate mental balance knowing the peaks we've seen throughout the world mean the worst is yet to come with positive cases reaching their summit, while also offering a light at the end of the tunnel, as we've seen with peaks rising, a flattening of the curve exists afterwards.  According to NPR, many states are seeing a decline in doubling times, meaning we might nationally be seeing earlier peak times as well.

Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to make a public address later this afternoon to discuss the current condition of Texas, streaming live on the Texas Tribune, Abbott offered in his news conference last week, as reported by KSAT news coverage titled, 'Can We Handle A Covid-19 Peak' , even as he extends Texas' Disaster Declaration, "Now is not the time for us to let up, now is the time to redouble our efforts to make sure we get rid of COVID-19."

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