I am sure all of you see 'Scam Call,' 'Scam Likely.' and 'Potential Scam' calls come into your phone quite regularly, and it's annoying! Here is what some of you don't know, is if you haven't given your permission, they are illegal, according to an article by fox7austin

Dan Graham, a CPA who works in Austin and Dallas, has found a way to turn these calls into cash.  It all started when these 'spam' calls started coming in that were spoofing local numbers. That is something that happens to me quite regularly. So far he has won $105,000 and he shares some tips with us, in case this is a problem for you.

Be sure that you have registered your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. It takes approximately 30 days for this to take effect.  If you continue receiving these calls after that 30 days. You can reach out to the company to ask them to stop the illegal practice. Some will stop and some will not!

If you continue to receive these calls, you can sue these companies in small claims court for violating the Telephone Protection Act.  Settlements range from $500 to thousands of dollars, depending on how many times they've called. Graham would like to see these scammers be held accountable. He also says cash is nice, but he hopes enough people suing will stop the calls. Check out this very informative video


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