A North Texas man was caught on camera stealing money from a Girl Scout Cookie table at a Forth Worth Walmart.  Currently, Fort Worth Police are asking for help identifying the man that was captured in the video.  Police said the bag contained the Girl Scouts' cash earnings for her cookie sales that day. The video shows a bag from behind the table before sprinting into the parking lot. the man. What a terrible thing to do to these young ladies after all of their hard work.

Houston Robber Chased Down and Shot After Stealing BBQ Pit Over the weekend a Harris County homeowner shot and killed a man after he allegedly stole a BBQ pit from his home early Sunday morning, according to police officials and foxnews.com.  An investigation shows that the man that was shot allegedly attempted to steal the shooter’s BBQ pit from his home. After the homeowner discovered that his BBQ grill was stolen. The homeowner left his home and chased down the suspect in his vehicle. The man told police he believed the driver of the suspected vehicle was possibly in possession of a weapon. The man tells police that he feared for his own safety and fired his own gun at the suspect, striking him. The second person in the vehicle was not injured, the sheriff said and has not been charged with a crime. The investigation is ongoing.  Read the full story by clicking here.  


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