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Texas Man Continued to Show Up On A Neighbors Porch Completely Naked

A Houston Texas woman got way more than she bargained for when her RING camera caught a naked man pleasuring himself on her porch.

This was not the first time this had happened

According to Houston Texas new sources, this was not the first time, Juan Jose Paez-Gonzales, 33, had been to the house naked.

A Texas Man Arrested After Ring Camera Catches Him Naked on Porch, Again!

The home, located in the Galleria area, belongs to victim Constance Sutton and she shared that back in February her doorbell camera reportedly captured him rearranging furniture that was on the front porch and pleasuring himself. Then in June of this year, surveillance video showed him carrying a sex toy.

The homeowner was faced with a dilemma. Should she throw away evidence or not?

Horfficially she later found the toy Gonzales had left on the porch and Sutton had to make a very disgusting decision. Should she throw the sex toy away or keep it as evidence for the police?

What would you have done?

Now police have Gonzales in custody and he has been charged, but leading up to his arrest, according to news agencies like ClickHouston2, Gonzales had been arrested several times years ago for similar offenses. 

Comments abound as Texans offer their opinion on the matter, some ever offering they would have confronted Gonzales the moment they discovered he was on their porch, one commenter even offered that a bucket of ice cold water could have potentially deterred Gonzales from ever coming back.

Warning Graphic Content: Here is the Ring doorbell footage provided by Sutton that lead to Gonzales's arrest, as seen on KHOU11 on Youtube.

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