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Once again, another tiger cub, this time a defenseless 3-month-old female, has been confiscated from a private residence and rescued in Texas.
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Last year we covered two heartbreaking stories of young tigers being found wandering and enclosed in Texas neighborhoods.

The first story came out of San Antonio in 2021 when shockingly a young girl went looking for her lost dog and peered over a neighboring fence only to discover a tiger cub was caged in the neighbor's backyard.

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We are talking about a tiger cub in a residential neighborhood.

When the girl called 911, the dispatcher almost didn't believe her story! Luckily the cub was rescued and we were happy to follow up on the story where the tiger cub, was named Elsa and was brought to a wildlife preserve, Black Beauty Ranch, where she will be free to roam and grow safely with more space to thrive!

You can read the details of that story in the button below.

Then, not three months later, another tiger cub was found wandering on a neighborhood street in Houston! The owner fled the scene but eventually the tiger was confiscated and rehomed as well.


Here is the article from May 2021 below.

Now we have the latest story coming this time from Laredo where a three-month-old tiger was rescued this past Friday from a likely residential home.

Thankfully the Laredo Police Department and LACS officers were able to remove the little female and transport her to a rescue facility, according to LMT Online.

Texas Is The Worst When It Comes to Illegal Tiger Possession!

Check this out!

According to an article in The Houston Chronicle, as reported by the Austin American Statesman, which you can read hereTexas is believed to be the home to the SECOND largest tiger population in the world!


In Texas, it is illegal to own, possess, confine or care for a dangerous wild animal within the city limits. And due to what PETA considers "lax state and federal laws, there could be a loose tiger one around every corner. "

We apparently have enough illegal tigers in Texas already! 

If you are interested in supporting stricter laws for these animals, click on the Big Cat Safety Act petition here.

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