Back in February of this year, a Houston man made 1.76 million dollars because he overheard his work-from-home spouse talking business, and used that information to make over $1.7 million in an insider trading scheme, federal authorities said.

As reported by Tyler Loudon, 42, pleaded guilty to securities fraud for buying and selling stocks based on details that he learned from his wife's business conversations while both were working from home. Loudon’s wife was an associate manager in mergers and acquisitions at an internationally-based oil and gas company. Loudon learned that her company was planning to purchase a travel center operator business.

Unbeknownst to his spouse, Loudon used the non-public information about the expected acquisition to purchase 46,450 shares ahead of the public notice. After the announcement of the merger, Loudon then sold his shares for a massive profit of $1.76 millionAs part of his plea agreement, Loudon agreed to forfeit the $1.7 million in illegal proceeds, according to a press release. 

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