One of my favorite parts of Memorial Day Weekend as a kid was all the flags. While times have changed, I can still remember how so many people on my street and in our neighborhood would hang the flag of the United States from their house.

Some years the city would even drive around and stick a small to medium size flag in your yard by your mailbox for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and again on Veterans Day.

Scrolling through the news last night I saw a quick video that made me smile. It shows a San Antonio home with a flag on display that might be the biggest flag in anyone's yard this year.

Our hats are off to Jason Mickel and his family who have decided to display the flag in support of our military service members. With many American families remembering someone who served this weekend, Jason told he also wanted help to revive some patriotism during a national pandemic.

Mickel says he plans on hanging the flag back up again for the 4th of July. My question? Where did he get a flag that size? If you know, send us the info with our free station app and we will put up the information well ahead of the 4th of July. Maybe we can get gigantic flags all over the crossroads.

If you or your neighbors have a US flag on display in your yard this weekend we would love you to take a photo and share it with us in the comments section on social media so we can show off your flag as well. To all who serve, and have served, thank you!

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