Gov. Gregg Abbott began his much anticipated address to Texans streaming Live from his Twitter page, by offering that for the first time in America history "all fifty states in Unites States have declared a federal state of emergency." He goes on to thank Texans for their sacrifices to help stop the spread of COVID-19,  and well as offering his gratitude to ALL front line workers.


Here are some bullet points from his address.

  • The number of COVID 19 infections have decreased in Texas.
  • Texas is well supplied with medical equipment and hospital beds.
  • Texas has the 2nd most recoveries of all states in America.
  • He has issued an executive order to outline how to reopen the Texas Economy.
  • He has named a the Statewide Task Force to reopen Texas.
  • The Executive Order to reopen Texas in phases goes into effect today.
  • Not all businesses can open at once and the order must be followed.
  • Opening today are only businesses that pose a minimal threat to the spread of COVID-19.
  • April 27th he will open a second sector of businesses, such as restaurants.
  • May will include a third sector of businesses.
  • April 22nd, medical staff will be permitted to begin to perform and diagnose more medical needs of the Texas community such as cancer patients and treatments
  • Retail businesses  may reopen April 24th with "pick up" services to start.
  • State parks will reopen Monday with visitors wearing masks and distancing. No groups more than five.
  • Texas schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school years, public and private and higher education institutions.

Be watching on Gov. Abbott's Facebook page on April 27th for the his second Texas address to reopen Texas with revised plans to readdress standards needed for the safety of Texas. April 27th is where Gov. Abbott is going to address reopening venues like movie theaters,restaurants and elective surgeries.

For a complete recap of Gov. Abbott's historic address from his Twitter page, click here.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong Texas.

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