As a grandmother I can absolutely appreciate Texas First Lady, Cecilia Abbotts efforts and let's face it, courage, to read aloud especially in front of all of Texas!  This morning Mrs. Abbott is launching Stars of Texas Story Time with guest readers from around Texas reading stories aloud to children. Stars of Texas Story Time will begin this morning at 10am, streamed live on her husband's Texas Governor Gregg Abbott's Facebook page. Just click here to watch. 

This virtual story time will be held every Tuesday and Friday at 10am and guests from all over this great state will be reading their favorite children's books. I can't wait to see who shows up to read as well as what they will read. My hope is that my granddaughters will not only enjoy being read too, not to mention that my daughter in law gets a few minutes break (lol) but that it instills in the children a sense of awe and wonder as they are read too over the computer by Texans. Stars of Texas Story Time is yet another way we can stay connected to our children and our community during this time where families are working together to educate their children from home.

According too Gov. Greg Abbott's Facebook post, “Stars of Texas” will host special guests like Kendra Scott, Chuck Norris and many more! That's right, CHUCK NORRIS will be reading a children's book to your children in the weeks ahead! Not to take away from Kendra Scott, she is pretty awesome too!

It appears that Mrs. Abbott will launch today's reading alongside Texas First Dogs, Peaches and Pancakes! What fun! The program will last through the COVID-19 pandemic, but again, I hope Cecilia considers offering this program through the year. I'm excited and commend her courage. I'll read aloud to my children and grandchildren all day long, but on film for all of Texas? Ummm...  God Bless Texas and God Bless Mrs. Abbott for putting this together for children!

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