Special Needs 12 Yr Old Texan Loses Testicle After Vicious Kick

A heartbreaking story of bullying a special needs 12-year-old boy right before the end of the school year comes to us unfortunately from a middle school in Texas.

Here are the horrific details of multiple times the little boy suffered vicious physical abuse at school.

As a former preschool teacher, I'm especially appalled at the multitude of bullying instances reported in the news increasingly over the last decade, but more alarmingly is the instances of bullying that happen in school that aren't reported, which might have been the thought process behind one student not thinking she would get caught for viciously kicking a young boy his groin who has speech disabilities.

According to Robyn Moya, whose son suffers from apraxia, a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for him to communicate offered to KSAT 12 that her son has been bullied multiple times in multiple schools.

Here are different examples of apraxia from the Mayo Clinic page on YouTube.

When does the suffering end?

Moya says that her 12-year-old son complained of pain after the incident which she was not aware of, as no one from the school reported or called her. After he began to throw up multiple times the following day he finally communicated to Moya that his private parts were swollen.

He was rushed to the ER and then immediately taken to a children's hospital for emergency surgery.

Doctors were not able to do anything more for the young boy other than remove the damaged testicle.

Moya changed schools but stayed in the same district when he was reportedly bullied again this time at his new school which resulted in an arm injury and more time in the ER.

KSAT reports, "Moya pointed to the two times her son was hurt in less than one semester while saying the district needs to be more vigilant in its monitoring of student behavior."

What is the solution for bullying in Texas schools?

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