Texas A&M fans can't wait to see the team back on the field this weekend! Unfortunately, we'll have to wait even longer to tailgate at Kyle Field before the game according to TheEagle.com.

Texas A&M President Michael K. Young has made the announcement on Monday that the University is trying to keep off-campus fans confined to the immediate area around the stadium and minimize fans from walking all over the campus.

One way to prevent that from happening would be to call off tailgating for week 1 featuring the football game against Vanderbilt on September 26th. Tailgating won't be the only thing missing for opening week. Texas A&M will keep the crowd at 25% capacity and will even be keeping it's marching band from taking the field for game festivities.

Earlier this year the SEC decided each school could make decisions individually and it turns out that 11 of the 14 teams in the conference have already taken tailgating out of the picture for week 1.

On the bright side, a couple of months ago it looked like there may be no college or NFL football this year, so the fact that there will be some action at Ryan Field is a small win all by itself. No tailgating may be a downer, but at least it isn't a complete surprise. Schools like Tennessee have already canceled such activities for the entire season. More may decide to do so.

Right now, Texas A&M is favored to win their home opener by almost 29 points. We'll check it again before game day. If you are headed to Ryan Field be sure to bring your mask/gator. Go A&M!

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