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Texas plane crashed through the roof of a home in Georgetown.

Folks in Georgetown, Texas, are still in awe over one of the scariest moments of the town's summer when a plane crashed through the roof of a home in a residential neighborhood.

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The plane carrying three people crashed into the roof of a home about two miles from the Georgetown airport.

The wreckage looks horrific but the story offers some surprising news in the aftermath of the wreck.


Spectators outdoors claim they heard a huge crash in their relatively quiet neighborhood. One woman who was walking her dog saw the whole thing and was shocked to find out all three passengers of the plane survived the crash.

Just check out this video on Youtube thanks to KVUE.

An investigation is underway but it's thought that the plane was experiencing engine failure.

It was definitely tweet-worthy as viewers learned that the house the plane crashed into was luckily vacant at the time.

WikiHow offers this advice, "Passengers in the tail of the aircraft have 40% higher survival rates than those in the first few rows, in the event of a crash. Because a quick escape gives you the best chance for survival, it's best to get seats as close as possible to an exit, on the aisle, and in the back of the plane.

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