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One place on every " Texas Halloween To-Do" list that keeps coming up is Scream Hollow in Smithville and it looks TRULY TERRIFYING!

Here's why!

Scream Hollow in Smithville Texas is on every 'Texas Halloween To-Do' list I could find! Just google 'Scariest Texas Halloween Attractions. Told ya. It's 20 acres of terror.

In fact, Scream Hollow in Smithville has been featured on, the Travel Channel AND it's been rated the NUMBER ONE Haunted House in the Nation!

And, it's only 97 miles away from Victoria!

Scream Hollow is dubbed one of the Biggest Haunted Attractions in Texas too!

One spooky place with, get this, 5 separately scary attractions! Each attraction is designed to be both INTENSE and very different from the others and it's all within a huge park, so plenty of space and plenty of spookiness!

Let's break down the attractions and try not to break down in the process!

There is a Mansion of Terror Coven that we hear is forever cursed. In fact, some who have lived to tell the tale say that the mansion itself is alive! And if the mansion doesn't do it for you, or do you in, you can check out Slaughterhouse2: Lunatik's Revenge. I think it's safe to say you will be checking it out while you're praying you to make it out!

Now, this is crazy. Literally. It's the Lost Pines Asylum.

How about a truly terrifying stroll, and by stroll, we mean run, through the Wicked Darkness maze. According to the Scream Hollow website, not everyone who enters comes back... the same.

Check this out...Hell on Wheels hayride! Dubbed the ONLY actual "haunted" hayride in the state of Texas! You take a hayride journey through the deep woods to discover the ancient rituals of the wendigo forest demons.

Scream Hollow also offers attractions year-round. Halloween for Christmas? They've got it! They even have a bar and bakery too!

That's it. Let's go! Scream Hollow opens on September 17th.

You can get ticket information by clicking here. Take lots of pics when you go so we can share them on our social media pages!

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