Thank goodness they are all alright as no one was home. The most treasured lost was their son’s cat companion, Ben. 

   We would like to help them as much as we can. Team Sanchez is happening June 29th at All Star Dance Academy 125 North Star Drive. We will be selling plates and bake goods, and raffle tickets. If you would like to donate an item or gift card for the raffle please contact Shannon at 652-8210 or Melissa 571-4840 or if you like to donate a bake good please contact Judy at 935-2708. We are asking that all donations for the raffle be submitted by May 27th.  More information coming soon about plates to go.

  If you would like to  drop by a card or gift card to eateries, HEB,  department stores,  gasoline for Heidi and Paul you can drop them off at 107 North Star Drive at KIXS 108. Please put it in a sealed envelope and bring it by our radio station.  We ask at this time to stay away from giving actual items.

  Our station is located at 107 North Star Drive. We are open Monday- Friday 8a-5p.