You've heard it said that teachers can make a difference. Well, prepare to meet one who is doing just that.

Chris Ulmer is a special education teacher in Mainspring Academy in Jacksonville, Fla. who spends the first 10 minutes complimenting all of his students.

Don't believe it? See for yourself and listen to the words of encouragement he shares.

This video caught the eye of ABC News and has since gone viral.

Ulmer, who posts videos on a daily basis with parental permission, created the Facebook page Special Books by Special Kids, which highlights the kids in his class, as a way to get a book about the kids published.

As Ulmer says, "I run this page independently in order to help spread acceptance for my amazing, smart and gifted students. I share videos of us singing, dancing, learning and just hanging out. Become part of our journey and help spread acceptance:). Love you all."

ABC reports "The book focuses on the story of each of the kids in his classroom and is collaboratively told by the child, his or her parents, and from Ulmer's perspective as their teacher."

So far, no one has agreed to publish the book ("I have 50 rejection letters on my fridge to keep me motivate," Ulmer says), but we think that may change pretty soon.

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