Ready to visit your favorite local bar or nightclub? So is the Texas Bar and Nightclub Association and they are hoping that Governor Abbott takes a long look at their guidelines for operation as he makes a decision about including these businesses in the next phase of reopening.

As we all know here in Victoria, these businesses are not yet open so when I saw share an update on guidelines, I decided to take a look.

Their proposal includes the following steps for 51% licenses (51% meaning the business makes more than 50% of their sales from alcohol):

  • 51%  licenses should maintain the same occupancy according to CDC requirements that full-service restaurants are observing.
  • 51% licenses should set up tables and chairs and eliminate open space by encouraging guests to sit to keep up social distancing.
  • 51% licenses say they will hire additional staff to watch the door and prevent people from socializing in groups. This is also seen as a way to add jobs.
  • 51% of licenses will stick to the Texas Restaurant Promise adopted during Phase 1 of reopening.
  • 51% of licenses will have to switch to plastic cups and paper plates.
  • 51% of licenses must provide supervised sanitation stations before entry and re-entry.
  • Employees at these businesses must take a TABC certification
  • Staff will wear masks during hours of operations. These businesses will also encourage customers to wear masks.
  • TABC can and will suspend any license that places the public in danger for no less than 90 days.

Governor Abbott is expected to speak on the subject of another round of reopenings tomorrow. We will be watching to see if our area bars will get a chance to serve again any time soon. TBNA is encouraging members to practice with a soft opening tomorrow (May 15th). These will not be open to the public so if you happen to be out on Friday night and see people inside a bar, it's likely a practice run. We are getting closer that's for sure. Cheers!

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