Get drenched at Soaked 5K!
Looking to stay cool this summer??  I don’t know about you, but I have been melting, and we are only in the month of June!  Honestly,lu I’m not the first one in line when it comes to a 5K run, but I have to admit the Soaked 5K has me wanting to take on the challenge...
Opening of Municipal Swimming Pool
The Gary T. Moses Municipal Swimming Pool is opening tomorrow (Wednesday 6/18/14) for the summer season. The pool will be open from 2-6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday during the summer. Located at 211 N. Ben Wilson St., The Gary T. Moses Municipal Pool is a grand facility and will accommodate 300 patrons. The pool contains 6 swimming lanes, three pool slides, a bathhouse with showers and changing s
Dog Drinks Water In Super Slow Motion
We've all seen dogs drinking from water bowls (and, occasionally, a toilet). Have you ever wondered how the dog gets the water into his/her mouth, just by lapping it up with their tongue? Check out this brief clip of a German Shepherd taking a drink, recorded in super-slow motion. Amazing!
Check Out This Stop Sign!
According to Jalopnik.com: Sydney, Australia has been having a big problem with oversized trucks driving into tunnels that are too low. So Sydney needed a stop sign that is absolutely impossible to miss. Here it is and it's amazing.
Report: Guadalupe River Going Dry
Most of South Texas is still trying to recover from the devastating three-year drought, with not much relief in sight. As a result, lakes, rivers, creeks and streams are quickly losing water volume. A new report on My San Antonio.com says the Guadalupe River is the driest it has been in more than fifty years. This has implications well beyond limiting fishing, kayaking, and other "on-the-rive
Summertime is Here
Summertime is here and its time to cool off. Take a short drive and head to Splashway in Sherdian. Today myself and friends took the day off and went to Splashway with the kids. We all were impressed with all the new features they have added from the new 4 lane mat race to the new gift shop and much more ... Read More ...

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