Victoria Tops “Winter Events Hot Spots” List
Victoria brings the snowbirds in the winter time, and according to a publication aimed at planners of conventions and events, it's the number one spot in the south for those kind of events. A published report in the Victoria Advocate says the city won the votes making it the top spot in the 2016 list of the "South's Top Hot Spots for Winter Events...
Cast of “Airplane!” Return To The Cockpit
One of the all-time greatest comedy films was 1980's Airplane! This hilarious spoof of the many "disaster" films released during the 1970's became a classic, and paved the way for the Naked Gun series of films, created by the same group of creative zanies, Jim Abrahams and brothers Jerry and David Zucker. Now, a new series of commercials promoting Wisconsin tourism reunites some of the o