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Tech Thursday: Tips and Tricks for the iPad
Last Thursday, I mentioned a few tips for Windows 7. So, this week thanks to, I thought I would give equal time to Apple and the IPad. So, here you go… Yes, you can reveal hidden keyboard characters Holding down certain keys provides additional character options. A long tap on the Comma key brings an apostrophe. Next door, the Period key offers up a quote mark too. On the numeric keybo
Tech Thursday: A Few Tips for Windows 7
If you like to learn new things, here are a few more tips that might help if you use Windows 7. Have a laptop that you connect to your home network and other times to another network? You would like to use the same IP address on your home network, but the other assigns addresses via DHCP. Well, now you don’t have to go in and change the TCP/IP properties each time to switch networks.