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Are You The Next Steven Spielberg?
We saw it over and over again during the holidays. A teenage boy at his family's Christmas gathering, who apparently only cares about looking at his iPhone. The TV ad--titled, "Misunderstood," has a very touching surprise ending. It turns out that the young man was recording video of the various activities surrounding the family's celebration, and surprises them on Christmas morning by t
‘Lincoln’ Review
If its portrait of him is accurate, then Abraham Lincoln would have loved Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln.' The film is exactly like the man at its center: thoughtful and talkative, equally adept at spinning tales and navigating the murky waters of backroom politics. It suggests that well before Ronald Reagan, our 16th President was truly our nation's Great Communicator.
‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Trailer: A Whole Mess of Danger
Today, the Internet got a taste of Steven Spielberg's upcoming motion-capture animated film, 'The Adventures of Tintin,' thanks to a stunning trailer that promises one epic 3-D joyride. If Spielberg's name isn't enough to get you hooked, try this: 'Tintin' was produced by Peter Jackson and co-written by Edgar Wright.