Be On The Lookout for Snakes!
Spring time means that snakes are on the move again. In my opinion, these are the four common venomous snakes found in South Texas.
1. The Copperhead is the most prevalent in South Texas. If you happen to get close enough you can notice a pit located between the eye and the nostril on either side of …
Daylight Saving Time Poll
Daylight Savings is Sunday March 8th . We're springing forward. Should we continue to observe Daylight Saving Time? Take our poll.
KIXS Roadshow With Skeeter Saturday
Spring is upon us! Time to start thinking about hittin' the road for some sightseeing, camping, and enjoying all that Texas (and beyond) has to offer! Join Skeeter Nash for a KIXS 108 Roadshow on Saturday, March 15th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Victoria Community Center for the annual CCRV S…
News From Carrie Underwood!
Great news from Carrie Underwood! You can expect a brand new cd from Carrie sometime this spring and she has announced her first single from the album called "good girl".
Mom and The Easter Bunny
My very practical 5 year old son thinks that the story of the Easter bunny is utterly ridiculous. He doesn’t buy the whole "bunny-bringing-candy-filled-eggs" thing at all.
He’s a very logical little boy and he informed me that there was no way a bunny lays eggs and then hides them for litt…
Market Days this Weekend
Enjoy a beautiful day OUTSIDE this weekend at Victoria Market Days! Victoria Parks & Recreation makes it possible every 3rd Saturday in the Spring in Riverside Park.
This weekend they will have live music by Kevin Anthony. He plays a little country and folk music too...