sea world

Sea World San Antonio Announces Opening Date
As a huge theme park enthusiasts, this news is exciting to me.  Sea World has just announced that they will open their gates on Friday, June 19th for the first time since March.  Of course, there will be updated guidelines to safeguard against COVID-19...
When Does The Fun Stuff Open
COVID-19 has really changed the landscape of 2020, and kept us at home for almost 3 months!  Some of us are ready to leave the friendly confines of our homes and head out for a fun day at the Amusement or Waterpark.  The questions is, when do they open...
Summertime Equals Rollercoasters!
I am from Ohio where we had two options for amusement parks, the first was Cedar Point and Kings Island.  I will never forget the rides there including one at Kings Island called "The Beast" which was a all wooden roller coaster.  A little bumpy yes but so much fun!