Don’t Say ‘108’ to Siri
Right now there is a "prank" going viral on social media, that law enforcement is not happy with.  If you have an IPhone, you might have asked Siri a question for two before. Well say the number '108' to Siri, she will transfer you to 911 within 5 seconds...
The Great Skeeter Nash Balloon Prank 2010
With this being a "Throwback Thursday," (well, at least on Facebook!), I thought I'd share the video from back in 2010, when my co-workers at the Saga Communications/Jonesboro Radio Group (Jonesboro, Arkansas) played a very zany, whimsical, madcap prank on Yours Truly! This video is truly hilarious!
Dinosaur Scares Australian School Children [VIDEO]
One of the first things a youngster learns about dinosaurs is that they have long been extinct. On a certain level, these Australian school children have internalized that lesson. However, when the life-like prehistoric beast starts to roar in this video (after the jump), some of them no longer seem so sure. In defense of the scaredy cats, that's a pretty impressive movie-quality dinosaur suit th
Hilarious Saxophone Prankster Goes ‘Careless Whisper’-Crazy [VIDEO]
The saxophone solo in George Michael's song "Careless Whisper" is part of what makes the '80s so '80s. But what would happen in 2011 if a man with a saxophone and a fake mullet began playing the soothing horn riff in completely inappropriate locations? Like, say, the middle of a department store or a college lecture hall? As you can see from the video below, a little Careless Whispering