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Jimmy Kimmel Cornered Michael Jordan and Made Him Play This Game
Jimmy Kimmel has apparently always wanted to get basketball great Michael Jordan to appear on his late-night show as a guest. It's never happened (sad face to Jimmy), but he won't be deterred. When he had the chance to snag some time with Jordan during a recent golf tournament, he went for it and made the NBA superstar palm random objects, all for the amusement of his studio audience.
Love Letter Written by Teenaged Michael Jordan Found, Posted on the Internet
The folks at the blog Letters of Note have gotten hold of a charming, and grammatically flawed, love letter written by an 18-year old Michael Jordan to a young lady named Laquette. In the handwritten (in cursive!) note, penned as Jordan sat in high school chemistry class, the future NBA legend apologizes for a misstep and concedes, "I made you look pretty rotten after the last night." Hi
Shaq and Six Other Athletes Who Should Come Out of Retirement
So, Shaquille O'Neal called it a career last week. While the Shaq Diesel feels he's run out of gas, we think he's got some more in the tank and would love to see him give it a go for another season. But he's not the only one who could make a compelling return. Here's a look at six other athletes we'd like to see come out of retirement for one last hurrah.