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Are You A Victim of the Equifax Breach? Things You Can Do
Oh, great, another data breach, this time at Equifax, one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the country. Officials are saying as many as 143 million people may have had their records stolen. That is a serious problem. An article I was reading last night gave a web address to the Equi…
BBB: College Students at High Risk for Identity Theft
Information sharing has become second-nature to many college students who have grown up in an era of social media, smartphones and widely available internet access. Unfortunately, this also makes students more susceptible as a target for scams and fraud.
Identity thieves look to college-age adults be…
Electric Companies Say Beware of Scammers
Another day, another way that scammers are attempting to rip you off! Read up on the latest methods thieves are using to steal your personal information and use it fraudulently. It involves you getting a phone call telling you that your power is about to be cut off...don't fall for it!