Essential Picks for Your Next Home Deep Clean
Spring isn’t the only time the deep cleaning urge strikes. Something about free time in summer makes you wanna go wild on the dust bunnies that’ve been hiding around your home. When the impulse to tidy up your space hits, you’ll be prepared with our list of cleaning all-stars.
Battery-Powered Mowers To Help You Go Green
Whether you relish yard work or dread it, lugging gas home for a gas mower is an extra step no one looks forward to. Luckily there are more battery-powered options for your lawn than ever before! Check out our list of tried and true cordless, gasless motors.
Weirdly Expensive Products You Can Buy on Amazon
There are some items that you expect to cost you a pretty penny - a nice watch, a new car, the luxury suite. But sometimes the internet will have you doing a double-take at the price tag on the most unexpected thing. We've compiled a list of products that have us really scratching our heads.
Things I Learned From My Latest Move
Many thousands of our loyal blog readers have been following the saga of my move from El Campo to Victoria over the past few weeks. Thanks to all of you for your kind words, advice and encouragement. Here are a few things I learned from this latest "adventure in moving."
Skeeter’s Found a Home!
If you read a post I put up here last week, you know that my wife Sweetie and I have been hunting for a house to rent in Victoria. Well, y'all can stop searching for us now...we've found a home! It's a nice house on the northeast side of Victoria, with plenty of room for me, Sweetie, my "bonus&…

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