Pizza Delivery and Drivers On The Rise
Pizza establishments have enjoyed increased delivery orders since the national self isolation suggestions. As a tremendous bonus to communities, spiked pizza delivery orders have increased job opportunities for drivers too.
Earl Pitts 10/18/13: Smart Cars, Dumb People
Earl closes out the week with a rant about how our cars are getting smarter, but drivers seem to be getting dumb and dumber! With some low-brow commentary on our high-tech transportation, we present--in case you missed him today--Earl Pitts, Umerikan!
You Can Be The Ultimate ’12th Man’
No one has ever had 12THMAN on an official Texas license plate.  Now for the first time, Texas A&M University and will auction the right to display the one and only 12THMAN license plate. Are YOU the 'ultimate' Aggies fan?