Drink Responsibly

CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Summertime is almost over, and so there wont' be many chances left to enjoy some fantastic summertime drinks. Here are a few that may just keep the summer fire burning bright as you prepare for the fall fun.
Piña Colada Sangria (original source)
1 (750ml) bottle White Wine (ex.…
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Let us not waste time discussing what constitutes as fun weekend activities and get straight to drink recipes.
Black Berry Jam Cocktail (original source)
¾ c Lime Juice (fresh)
¾ c Blackberry Jam
2 c Gin
1 (12oz) can Club Soda
1 c Fresh Mint
Garnish – Lime Slice
How To:
In a large pitcher with ic…
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
This Saturday could be a great day to stay inside and work on some stuff. Some stuff could be chores, meal prepping for the week...or touch up on your At Home Bartender skills. Here are a few drinks that you may find fun to make and even more fun to enjoy...
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Summertime is still going strong and provided below are some really fun and really easy to make (well, that kinda depends on what you consider easy and challenging in terms of drink mixing). As always, stay cool and hydrated this summer to avoid any heat health issues and drink responsibly...
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Oh, lets just skip the annoying dialogue and get right to the drink mixing, yes? With that in mind, do remember that its hot out there and you should always accompany your alcoholic drink with water so you don't can stay hydrated. Also be sure to drink responsibly and safely...
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Need something to do before the week starts again on Monday? Then here are a few drinks that are perfect for summertime and easy to make.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot (original source)
5 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
5 oz White Chocolate Liqueur
5 oz Vanilla Vodka
5 Chocolate Chip Cookies
5 straws
How …
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
How's your weekend going? Enjoying your summertime? Needing to cool off? Well, take some time in the shade or air conditioned kitchen and make yourself and others some mixed liquid fun.
Lemon Lime Radler (original source)
2 oz Water
1½ tbsp Sugar (granulated)
1 tbsp Lemon Juice (…
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Another weekend come, and another weekend coming to an end...don't you just hate Mondays? Just because the weekend is almost over, doesn't mean that you still can't have fun. There is so much to do and enjoy. For example, some At Home Bartendering wouldn't be such a bad idea (unl…